Funding results

Recent competition results

Funding program
Deadline date
Emerging Scholar Awards
CCS/CIHR/BC Spark Grants
PCC Implementation Research Grants
PCC Movember Translation Acceleration Grant
Innovation to Impact Grants 2020
Innovation Grants 2020
Cancer Survivorship Team Grants
Impact Grants 2020
Innovation Grants 2019
Innovation to Impact Grants 2019
Impact Grants 2019
Chordoma Research Grants 2018
Innovation Grants 2018
Innovation to Impact Grants 2018
Quality of Life Grants 2018
Impact Grants 2018
Knowledge to Action Grants 2017
Prevention Innovation Grants 2017
Breast Cancer Research Grants 2017
Impact Grants 2017

Detailed information about all grants and awards that are being funded through the Canadian Cancer Society is available in our online research portfolio – a searchable database of funded research. Note that CBCF grants are not included in this listing.

Last modified on: April 21, 2021