Treatments for small intestine cancer

If you have small intestine cancer, your healthcare team will create a treatment plan just for you. It will be based on your health needs and specific information about the cancer.

Treatments offered for small intestine cancer depend on the type of tumour. The following information is about small intestine adenocarcinoma. Talk to your healthcare team about treatment options if you have a different type of small intestine cancer.

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Treatments for resectable small intestine adenocarcinoma

Surgery is the main treatment for resectable small intestine cancer. Learn about the different types of surgery for small intestine cancer.

Treatments for unresectable small intestine adenocarcinoma

Palliative surgery or chemotherapy is used for unresectable small intestine cancer. Learn about treatments for unresectable small intestine cancer.

Treatments for recurrent small intestine adenocarcinoma

There is no standard treatment for recurrent small intestine cancer. Learn which treatments may be offered for recurrent small intestine cancer.

Surgery for small intestine cancer

Most people with small intestine adenocarcinoma will have surgery. The type of surgery depends mainly on where the tumour is in the small intestine and whether or not it is resectable (it can be completely removed with surgery).

Chemotherapy for small intestine cancer

Chemotherapy may be used for small intestine cancer. Learn how and when chemotherapy is used and what chemotherapy drugs and combinations are used.

Radiation therapy for small intestine cancer

Radiation therapy is not used very often to treat small intestine cancer. Learn when it is used and the side effects.

Follow-up after treatment for small intestine cancer

Follow-up after small intestine cancer treatment varies. Learn about scheduled follow-up appointments and the tests and procedures that may be done.