Head and neck cancer statistics

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Statistics for laryngeal cancer are not reported separately but are included in the general category head and neck cancers. This broad category includes laryngeal cancer and similar cancers together. So the numbers do not necessarily show the new cases (incidence) and deaths (mortality) specifically for laryngeal cancer.

To provide the most current cancer statistics, statistical methods are used to estimate the number of new cancer cases and deaths until actual data become available.

Incidence and mortality

Incidence is the total number of new cases of cancer. Mortality is the number of deaths due to cancer.

It is estimated that in 2022:

  • 7,500 Canadians will be diagnosed with head and neck cancer.
  • 2,100 Canadians will die from head and neck cancer.
  • 5,400 men will be diagnosed with head and neck cancer and 1,500 will die from it.
  • 2,000 women will be diagnosed with head and neck cancer and 560 will die from it.

For more information about cancer statistics, go to Canadian Cancer Statistics.

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