How you can support prostate cancer research 

Funding critical prostate cancer research is an important part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s goal of changing the future of cancer in Canada.  It is made possible thanks to the donations of caring people across Canada who want to save and improve the lives of those facing prostate cancer. As part of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we’re excited to highlight two researchers whose CCS-supported research is helping the 1 in 8 Canadian men who are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. 

Tracking and targeting the spread of prostate cancer with better imaging

Cynthia Menard
Dr Cynthia Ménard

 In an innovative clinical trial, Dr Cynthia Ménard and her team are testing a new imaging technique to more effectively track the spread of prostate cancer. They are now evaluating its use to guide targeted treatments and improve outcomes for people with advanced prostate cancer. If successful, this could advance clinical practice for prostate cancer in Canada and beyond. Dr Ménard had great news for us on how her research is going so far: “With this new imaging method, we expect to be better able to track and target prostate cancer more effectively.”

Finding safer and more effective prostate cancer treatments

Dr François Bénard

Advanced and metastatic prostate cancer can be difficult to treat, especially when tumours begin to stop responding to current treatments like chemotherapy. Thanks to CCS support, Dr François Bénard and his team are hosting a clinical trial to study a promising new prostate cancer treatment that can locate and destroy prostate cancer cells wherever they are in the body. “This promising new targeted approach could be safer and more effective than current treatments,” says Dr Bénard whose research could lead to a significant improvement in the quality of life and survival of people with advanced prostate cancer.

When you donate in support of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, you’re making it possible for skilled researchers like Dr Ménard and Dr Bénard to continue their work. You’re also giving hope to the 1 in 8 men who will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. With your support and the hard work of researchers across Canada, together we will change the future of prostate cancer care in Canada.