Charlie's story: Becoming a source of support and prostate cancer awareness

There is never a good time to learn you have prostate cancer, but for Charlie Taylor his diagnosis came just as he learned his daughter was expecting a baby. With his thoughts on watching his grandchild grow up he began his cancer journey. 

Seeking information and support

In the beginning, like a lot of men, Charlie wasn’t comfortable talking about his health, but that changed quickly when he reached out to other men through, an online support program, funded by the Canadian Cancer Society. He was able to find the answers to his questions and received information he could trust. He found a support group that connected him to other men who could offer encouragement and support at every stage of his prostate cancer journey.

A large part of the support he found was thanks to being able to be open and communicate his needs and questions with others, which can be difficult. “Men don't want to talk about what's below the belt, but I want to make it known that it's ok, even important to talk about it," says Charlie. Talking to other men affected by prostate cancer made all the difference, and it helped Charlie realize — he didn’t have to face prostate cancer alone.

Charlie standing in a field smiling.
Charlie Taylor

Becoming a source of support and awareness

Today, Charlie has been cancer-free for 9 years and continues to work in his community to raise funds and awareness about prostate cancer. “I don’t know if there ever will be a cure, but if we can prolong somebody’s quality of life by funding world class research, I believe that’s very important! It’s important to focus on the fact that you can live with cancer,” says Charlie.

Charlie also understands that after all these years it’s still important to keep talking about prostate cancer with other men. He’s become an advocate for prostate cancer awareness and every year he encourages his co-workers to support the prostate cancer cause and join fundraising events.

How you can change the future of prostate cancer

You can join Charlie in supporting groundbreaking prostate cancer research as part of prostate cancer awareness month. Your donation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of Canadians effected by prostate cancer by funding the support services that let them share their stories and critical research that will change the future of prostate cancer.