Living at the crossroads of COVID-19 and cancer

Throughout the pandemic, we asked people affected by cancer how COVID-19 impacted their cancer experience. This report summarizes what we heard.

We’ve listened, we’ve heard and we’re acting 

Throughout the pandemic, we have actively engaged Canadians with cancer and their caregivers to find out how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their cancer experience in Canada.

We deployed 5 nationwide surveys over the past 2 years, drew insights and trends from our support programs and conducted focus groups and roundtables, effectively engaging healthcare and policy experts, healthcare providers and thousands of people with cancer and caregivers. 

We’re pleased to share our new report, Living at the Crossroads of COVID-19 and Cancer, which presents themes of what we heard and guidance on how we can make cancer care better.

How we can make cancer care better

Based on data collected from those who have been impacted by COVID-19 during their cancer experience, the report highlights the changes to the healthcare system that people with cancer, caregivers & healthcare providers want to see:

  • Ensure representation of diverse voices when making healthcare delivery decisions
  • Prioritize organized cancer screening programs. Make them accessible for all, especially underserved communities 
  • Guarantee access to quality and timely screening and diagnostic services 
  • Clear any remaining backlogs   
  • Boost health human resources, like nurses, technologists and social workers 
  • Explore the role of healthcare navigators to guide people through their cancer experience 
  • Support the transition from the cancer care system into recovery and survivorship 
  • Establish policies that recognize the importance of caregivers 
  • Make psychosocial supports available 
  • Guarantee access to timely and appropriate palliative and end-of-life care


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Because of Covid, I had surgeries shifted twice, four to five months at a time.


We need to get better at preventing delays to healthcare. 

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