Meet 3 inspirational young Canadians who are changing the future of cancer!

Youth today are creative, driven, enthusiastic and more than anything they are passionate about making a positive difference in our communities. From volunteering to raising awareness about a cause close to their heart to fundraising for events like our Canadian Cancer Society Relay For Life, meet a few of the incredible young Canadians who are proof that you have the power to help change the future of cancer at any age.

Volunteering to make a difference - Morgan

Morgan with two other youth canvassing for Relay for Life

“As a youth volunteer, it feels good to work with others to promote a charitable spirit in our community,” shares Morgan. At just 21 years old, he has already made a huge impact in his community.

Morgan first started volunteering for the Canadian Cancer Society in 2014 for our Daffodil Campaign and together with his friends, they raised $2,500 selling daffodil pins. That was just the beginning. Soon after, he began volunteering in October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, selling pink ribbons and helping raise awareness about the impact of breast cancer.

“Even though we were only high school students, we were able to raise so much money for the Canadian Cancer Society. It just goes to show what can happen when a small group of people come together for a great cause,” he says.

When asked why he chose to volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society, he explained that he wanted to be a part of something that could make a real difference in the lives of Canadians living with cancer.

“I know that the Canadian Cancer Society is a trusted charity and that their research is having a real impact in the lives of people affected by cancer.”

Fundraising for a loved one - Shane

A luminary that says, "Create a world where no Canadian has to fear cancer"

For Shane, fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society holds a special place in his heart. A few months before his third birthday, Shane attended his first Relay For Life in honour of his father who was diagnosed with cancer. When Shane’s father died from cancer in 2015, the event took on greater meaning and he was more determined than ever to help change the future of cancer.

“I fundraise for Relay because I know it makes a difference. If I could see less ‘in memory of’ luminaries, and more survivor shirts then I’ll know I’m doing my job,” says Shane.

Since then, Shane has helped his team raise over $30,000 for Relay For Life! In 2016, Shane was the top fundraiser for his community and the top youth fundraiser in 2015 and 2017.

A determination to inspire others - Noah

Noah in a kayak

When Noah was 10 years old, his grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her strength throughout her cancer journey inspired Noah to make a difference. At 13, he joined Kayaking for Cancer, an annual kayaking event where fellow fundraisers paddle over 200 km along the Rideau Canal from Kingston, Ontario to Ottawa, Ontario in support of the mission of the Canadian Cancer Society.

This year will be Noah’s fourth year with Kayaking for Cancer and he’s encouraging other young Canadians to give back through their passion as well.

“If you’re passionate about something you should always strive to reach your goals,” says Noah.

Rain or shine, no matter how the weather is, Noah is committed to finishing this 8-day kayaking journey.

“Even in terrible weather we keep going until we reach our destination,” says Noah.

And his motivation? His grandma.

“She is and will always be my motivation to fundraising for the Canadian Cancer Society,” he says.

Together with other dedicated paddlers, Noah is determined to help make this year’s Kayaking for Cancer event a success! Entering it’s 19th year, Kayaking for Cancer has raised over $710,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society to date.

Thanks to young Canadians like Morgan, Shane and Noah, we’re one step closer to creating a world where no Canadian fears cancer. But our work isn’t done yet. We need more dedicated young Canadians to join us because together, we can be a force-for-life in the face of cancer. Whether you’re volunteering to complete your community involvement hours or looking to gain meaningful work experience, your commitment and dedication will help make a difference in the lives of those who need it most.