Help hope grow through this year's Daffodil Campaign

A bouquet of Daffodils set against a blue painted backdrop

Every spring, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) holds our annual Daffodil Campaign to raise funds to help Canadians with cancer live their lives more fully. For those living with cancer, the daffodil is a symbol of strength, courage and hope. As we begin to emerge from a period of challenge and change, we invite Canadians to rally around this symbol to provide hope to people affected by cancer.   

Whether it’s providing funding for groundbreaking research like a clinical trial that saved Sylvain Poissant's life or providing a safe and comfortable place to heal for people like Bonnie Durling through our lodge, CCS is there for people no matter where they are in the cancer journey.  

To ensure we can keep each other safe and follow public health guidelines, this year we’re not going to be selling daffodil pins, fresh flowers or canvassing door-to-door—but there are still plenty of ways that you can show support! Here’s how: 

  1. Make a donation

    Donating to our Daffodil Campaign is the most impactful way to improve the quality of life of people affected by all cancers and bring them hope. Because of your donations, we can provide critical information, fund groundbreaking research, offer community and connection and advocate to protect and improve the health of all Canadians. 

  2. Support those with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic

    One of the best ways to help people with cancer is to end this pandemic—the fewer COVID-19 cases we have in Canada, the more likely it is that those with cancer will receive the uninterrupted care they need and have a better chance of surviving. Donate to our COVID-19 Emergency Fund to provide funding for evidence-based information, compassionate support and hope for a brighter future. 

  3. Create a digital daffodil

    Donate today and honour someone you love by dedicating a digital daffodil, a virtual badge you can print or share online. Become a Daffodil Champion and use your digital daffodil to spread positivity and share hope. 

  4. Organize a virtual fundraiser

    Signing up and fundraising online is easy, and we have all the resources and tools to help you on our website. You can set up an online fundraising page and ask friends and family to donate, or host a virtual event and ask people to participate and donate. 

Now more than ever, the daffodil’s sunny symbol serves as a meaningful reminder for us to come together and look ahead to brighter days.