NFL Crucial Catch

It is expected that nearly half of Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, and the football community is no exception. Over the years, many members of the National Football League (NFL) have been touched by cancer. So for the fourth year, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is teaming up with the NFL through the NFL Crucial Catch partnership to raise funds to support those living with and beyond cancer.

Join us this October and together, we can make life better for people facing cancer.
Throughout the month of October, NFL Crucial Catch unites the football community including players, coaches, officials, front office staff, corporate partners, fans and supporters to help people affected by cancer. Dedicated NFL Crucial Catch games raise funds to help CCS and the American Cancer Society (ACS) offer national, compassionate support for people facing cancer, their caregivers and their families.

Your support and funds raised through merchandise sales in support of the NFL Crucial Catch initiative in Canada will help improve the quality of life of people affected by cancer, their families and caregivers by supporting programs and services offered by the Canadian Cancer Society such as the Cancer Information Hotline, Transportation Program and

Just like in football, Canadians living with cancer need support from a team. Funds raised through NFL Crucial Catch provide a support system for people with cancer and their families to ensure no one faces cancer alone. Your contribution has never been more important.
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Donate to support the Crucial Catch initiative and help give a ride to and from cancer treatment and help people affected by cancer get the care most needed.
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Purchase Crucial Catch gear* to support your team and help make life better for people facing cancer.
Robert Jones

Helping people get to and from cancer treatment

“I had treatments practically every day and getting transportation to those appointments was essential. I was incapable of driving myself and my wife was unable to bring me. Having rides through CCS’s Wheels of Hope program had an extremely positive impact on me by removing a significant worry for my wife and me at a time when we were facing so many other concerns.” – Robert Jones
Robert Jones


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