It takes a society to take on cancer

What does it take to take on cancer? It takes all of us. 

As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village.’ But to take on cancer, it takes more than a village. We believe it takes a society. It takes a community rallying together around a shared cause.
It takes a society honours something that is deeply true about cancer: that it is big, and it is endlessly complex. And any kind of progress – better treatments, better care, better support – can only happen when we work together. 
Profound impact is possible when we combine our actions with the actions of others. Our goal at the Canadian Cancer Society is to inspire people of all ages, from all backgrounds and all parts of the country to come together to take on cancer’s biggest issues. 
Join us.

A younger man and an older man outside smiling


Fund world-leading research and compassionate support to help save and improve lives. 

A group of CCS volunteers


Give your time to help us care, support and advocate for people affected by cancer and their loved ones. 

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Raise your voice to prevent cancer, improve quality of life and take on cancer’s biggest issues. 

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Stay Informed

Keep up-to-date with news, valuable information and ways to get involved with us. 


Go Dry

Go alcohol-free for 29 days to raise funds for people affected by cancer. 
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Support CCS by raising funds to make life better today and transform the future of cancer forever. 
Dr Lee-Hwa Tai sitting in a room
Often when people think about cancer research they think about the scientist alone in the lab... but there is an entire team behind me.
Dr. Lee-Hwa Tai, Cancer researcher 
Image of Anthony Henry sitting in a room
It's so important to have credible, verifiable information from knowledgeable experts because there is a lot of misconception around this disease.
Anthony Henry, Prostate cancer survivor 
An image of Harjeet Kaur sitting in a room
It's really important to talk about your journey and experience, whether it's with your loved ones or support groups.
Harjeet Kaur, Stage 4 cancer survivor 

Join our team

Our team includes committed and caring volunteers and staff across Canada. A career at the Canadian Cancer Society provides a unique opportunity to improve the lives of Canadians. 

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