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Since 1987, Canadian Cancer Statistics has provided the most comprehensive surveillance statistics on cancer in Canada. 
Canadian Cancer Statistics is developed by an Advisory Committee in collaboration with the Canadian Cancer Society, Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, with data provided by the provincial and territorial cancer registries. 

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2021–2018 and supporting resources are available below, along with a list of past special topics. All previous editions (2019–1987) are available upon request at

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2021

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This publication provides 2021 projected estimates of cancer incidence and mortality, as well as estimates of survival and other measures of cancer burden for 20+ types of cancer in Canada.

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2020 Special report cover

Canadian Cancer Statistics: A special report on lung cancer

Download 2020 special report on lung cancer.

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This 2020 special report provides statistics on lung cancer incidence, mortality, survival and prevalence. Where relevant, the statistics are presented by sex, age, geography, stage, histology and time. It also includes new statistics on lung cancer prevention, screening and disparities.

Canadian Cancer Statistics 2020 Special report cover
Cancer Statistics 2018 cover

Canadian Cancer Statistics: A 2018 special report on cancer incidence by stage in Canada 

This special report provides statistics on cancer incidence by stage at diagnosis. 
Cancer Statistics 2018 cover

 List of previous special topics

2022 Special report on cancer prevalence
2020 Special report on lung cancer
2018 Special report on cancer incidence by stage 
2017 Pancreatic cancer
2016 HPV-associated cancers
2015 Future burden of cancer in Canada 
2014 Skin cancers 
2013 Liver cancer 
2011 Colorectal cancer 
2010 End-of-life care 
            Cancer in depth: esophagus cancer 
            Cancer in depth: kidney cancer 
2009 Cancer in adolescents and young adults (15–29 years) 
2008 Childhood cancer (ages 0–14) 
2007 Breast cancer 
2006 Progress in cancer control: screening

2005 Progress in cancer prevention: modifiable risk factors 
2004 International variation in cancer 1993-1997  
             Economic Burden of Cancer in Canada, 1998 
2003 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 
2002 Cancer incidence in young adults 
             Five-year relative cancer survival in Canada 1992 
2001 Colorectal cancer 
2000 Progress in cancer control 
1999 Factors contributing to the population burden of
              cancer incidence and mortality
              A new national cancer surveillance system for 
1998 International comparisons 
1997 Ten years of Canadian cancer statistics 
1996 Prostate cancer 
             Direct costs of cancer in Canada, 1993 
             Evaluation of cancer estimates: 1987–1991 
1995 Prevalence of cancer 
             Colorectal cancer 
1993 Female breast cancer 
1991 Smoking and lung cancer 
             Cancer among the Inuit and Indians 
1990 Cancer of the female breast and genital organs – 
              recent trends 
              Hodgkin’s disease and cancer of the testis 
              Cancer mortality by income quintile 
              Economic cost of illness in Canada  
              Cancer control 
1989 Cancer incidence and mortality: an international
1988 Tobacco consumption from smoking and
              mortality from lung cancer 
             Cancer mortality: an international comparison
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