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Cover of A Answering Your Questions on Prostate Cancer available to download
A, B, C of Prostate Cancer
The A, B, C brochures take you through the basics of prostate cancer, treatment options and coping with the disease during and after treatment. (Revised: December 2015)
What you need to know about prostate cancer
What you need to know about prostate cancer
Anyone with a prostate can get prostate cancer, the most commonly diagnosed cancer among Canadian men. This factsheet explains who is at risk for prostate cancer, the simple tests that can help diagnose it early, and what you can do next. Watch the accompanying video to learn about prostate cancer so you can make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.
Cover of An Advanced Prostate Cancer Diagnosis Now What? available to download.
An Advanced Prostate Cancer Diagnosis...Now What?
This booklet has been designed to provide men and their circle of care with answers to some of the questions they may have related to advanced prostate cancer.
Understanding advanced prostate cancer
Prostate cancer: Understanding advanced prostate cancer
This fact sheet will help you understand advanced prostate cancer and your treatment options. It explains the difference between locally advanced and metastatic prostate cancer. It also explores the different treatment options. You can use this information to make the decisions that are best for you.
Test to diagnose and monitor prostate cancer
Tests to diagnose and monitor prostate cancer
Many different tests are used to diagnose prostate cancer and monitor how the treatment is working. This factsheet explains the different types of tests and the information they provide, including the PSA test, DRE and prostate biopsy, as well as imaging tests such as TRUS, CT scan, MRI, PET and bone scans.
Understanding prostate cancer
Prostate cancer: Understanding Prostate Cancer
If you’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you probably have a lot of questions. What is the prostate? How does prostate cancer develop? What do the grade and stage of cancer mean? Who are the members of my healthcare team? What are the treatment options? This fact sheet helps answer these and other common questions about prostate cancer.
Cover of Should I get screened for prostate cancer? available to download.
Should I get screened for prostate cancer?
What you should know about the PSA test
Cover of Your Prostate Cancer Playbook available to download.
Your Prostate Cancer Playbook
This workbook has been designed to help men newly diagnosed with prostate cancer sort through some of their most important questions and better understand and plan for what lies ahead with treatment.
Understanding Prostate Cancer Package, a comprehensive resource for men who have prostate cancer
Understanding Prostate Cancer Package
This package of 4 handouts provides a summary of information about the disease, what a diagnosis means, the treatment options available and the potential side effects of certain treatments.
Understanding localized prostate cancer
Prostate cancer: Understanding localized prostate cancer
Localized prostate cancer means that the cancer is only in the prostate. The outlook for people diagnosed with localized prostate cancer is good – the 5-year survival rate is close to 100%. This factsheet will help you understand the disease, the risk that it will progress and the treatment options. You can use this information to make the decisions that are best for you.
Understanding your options if hormone therapy stops working
Prostate cancer: Understanding your options if hormone therapy stops working
Sometimes hormone therapy can stop working against prostate cancer. When this happens, it is called castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). This fact sheet provides information about the different types of CRPC, treatment options and possible side effects. You can use this information to make the decisions that are best for you.
An older man sitting in a chair reading the newspaper
Prostate Cancer: Understanding your diagnosis
The introductory information in this brochure can help you and your family take the first step in learning about prostate cancer. (Revised: July 2019)
Cover of Taking Care of You the Caregiver available to download
Taking care of you the caregiver: Helping Provide Support
This resource is designed to help the caregiver better understand how they can support their family member or friend as they face prostate cancer.