Taking care of yourself during chemotherapy

Taking care of yourself during chemotherapy

Trying to live well and stay as healthy as possible can be hard during cancer treatment. This video has some ideas to help you cope during chemotherapy.
Taking care of yourself during chemotherapy

Taking care of yourself during chemotherapy

Voice-over: Coping when you're first diagnosed with cancer

The days and weeks after being diagnosed with cancer can be stressful and overwhelming. I know, I've been there.  

It's normal to be in shock or denial at first. I felt scared, sad, and angry too. Some people just feel numb. There's no right or wrong way to feel. A mix of emotions will probably come and go.  

Before starting treatment, I mostly felt helpless. I didn't know what to expect and I was worried about the future. Why couldn't treatment start right away? Having tests and waiting for results was frustrating. It felt like wasting time.  

Because every cancer is unique, everyone's treatment plan will be different. My doctors used the test results to create a plan just for me. Your doctors will do the same for you. They can also reassure you that the time spent on having tests, making a plan and scheduling your treatment should not affect how well the treatment works.

While waiting for treatment to begin, you might want to learn more about cancer. Ask your doctor where to find information that is right for you.  

It can also help to share your feelings with family, friends and people who understand what you're going through.  

Asking questions about what to expect, expressing my feelings and taking brisk walks to relieve some stress helped me cope during this time. You might cope in different ways. You should know that help is available.  

The Canadian Cancer Society has information you can trust and can help you find support close to home. Visit cancer.ca or call us at 1-888-939-3333.