Is an alkaline diet better for me?

Various raw foods

The claim

An alkaline diet will help you lose weight, increase your energy and reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.
Various raw foods

The truth

There is no evidence to support these claims.

An alkaline diet – also known as an acid alkaline diet – is a diet that consists of fresh fruit, vegetables, roots and tubers, nuts and legumes and only small amounts of meat and dairy products.

The chemistry of your blood is slightly alkaline, which is the opposite of acidic. Supporters of an alkaline diet believe you should eat food that matches the chemistry of your blood. They say that a high-acid diet upsets the balance of your blood and causes disease over time – so eating a more alkaline diet will protect you from disease.

Your body has a complex system that makes sure your blood stays in its healthy, slightly alkaline range. If your blood becomes too acidic or too alkaline, your body automatically corrects this on its own. Your blood may become slightly more acidic or alkaline after eating certain foods – but it will stay within the healthy range without a special diet.

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