Have a healthy body weight

Besides living smoke-free, having a healthy body weight is one of the best things you can do to reduce cancer risk.

More than half of all Canadians have excess weight, putting them at increased risk for several types of cancer

Excess weight is a result of consuming too many calories and burning too few calories. If we reduce the calories we eat and drink and use up more calories by being active and sitting less, we can make a start to having a healthy body weight.

But it's more than how much we eat and drink and exercise. The genes we're born with influence our body weight. Where we live and go to work or school can have an impact. And some healthy choices may be hard to find or cost a lot.

Person measuring their waist size with a measuring tape

Reduce your risk of cancer with a healthy body weight

Check with your doctor about what a healthy body weight is for you and take steps to work toward that weight. It’s worth it!

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7 ways to maintain a healthy body weight

For many of us, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight isn't easy, but it's too important not to try.

Body weight and cancer risk