Finding hope with Dry Feb

When Bonnie Hall was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, an incurable cancer, she quickly went into action mode. She had never heard of that type of cancer before and hardly knew what questions to ask.

However, she was ready to learn everything about treatment options and how to get started as soon as possible. Her goal was simple: to stay alive for her young daughters who needed their mother. For Bonnie, her hope depends on continuous research and innovation.

“With my cancer type, relapse is inevitable; it is all about getting as much time as possible from each treatment before having to advance to the next line of therapy.” Bonnie said.

Bonnie Hall and her family
Bonnie Hall and her family

Getting involved with Dry Feb

The weekend before she was admitted into Princess Margaret Hospital to start a clinical trial, Bonnie heard about the Dry February challenge.

The Dry February challenge – or Dry Feb – is a fundraising campaign that challenges participants to go alcohol-free for the month of February. In support of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), Dry Feb donations go toward groundbreaking cancer research and a nationwide support system.  Dry Feb provides a great opportunity for participants to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol while raising funds to save and improve lives.  When Bonnie mentioned the Dry Feb challenge to her family and friends, they immediately agreed to join her. Participating in Dry Feb together was a way to engage and inspire people to donate towards advancing cancer care and research.

Not only did the Dry Feb challenge give Bonnie the chance to change her relationship with alcohol, but she noticed several benefits to going alcohol-free, including better workout sessions and saving money.

She felt great knowing that she was doing something to benefit both herself and a fundraising initiative that could help many other people. At the end of Dry Feb 2023, Bonnie had raised over $7,500.

Fundraising for hope

Bonnie knows her life depends on new treatments and innovations, so she is interested in fundraising to support CCS’s cancer research.

“Of course, my hope in fundraising is eventually to find a cure for cancer, but to accomplish that big goal, we have to break it into smaller pieces,” Bonnie said.

Every advancement is important – from advancements in cancer care, and treatment options to advances in support services that can be provided to people when they need it.

The Dry Feb donations raised by participants serve as the smaller pieces that lead to advancements in cancer care. By going alcohol-free for a month and raising funds for Dry Feb, you can help make a difference in the lives of people like Bonnie.  

To the donors who make cancer research possible, Bonnie would like to say, “Thank you for helping to save my life. Staying alive for me quite literally depends on continued research and innovation, and without the funds to do that, I don’t have the same hope for my future."

Every donation toward research is very hopeful, and hope is so powerful, it changes everything. That is the impact that donors have.

Bonnie Hall looking over her shoulder and smiling
Bonnie Hall

Make a difference this February and join the Dry Feb challenge. Feel the benefits of going Dry while raising funds for world-leading research and compassionate support programs to help people affected by cancer. Learn how to prepare for your alcohol-free month.  

*Dry Feb is not offered in the province of Quebec.