6 reasons to go dry this February!

If you’re reading this, you’ve made it through the holidays, and if you’re feeling saturated and foggy, you’re not alone. Too often, year-end indulging can overrun our minds and bodies, so that by the time the new year rolls in, everyone’s ready for change.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! There’s no better way to start a fresh, new year than by changing your lifestyle to live healthier. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Dry Feb, a fundraising campaign that challenges social drinkers to change their habits during the entire month of February. It may sound daunting but trust us – the benefits will help shape 2019 into your best year yet. Here’s why:

  1. You’ll help people affected by cancer. Going dry this February is a win-win situation. Your decision to go alcohol-free will kick-start your healthy lifestyle AND support people living with cancer across Canada. Signing up for Dry Feb gives you the incredibly rewarding experience of fundraising for Canadian Cancer Society to support game-changing cancer research. and compassionate support services, like transportation to appointments or providing wigs for women who have undergone cancer treatment. When you participate in Dry Feb, you help ensure that no Canadian has to face cancer alone.
  2. You’ll challenge yourself in a whole new way – and you can do it with friends & family! Dry Feb gives you a great opportunity to set new goals for yourself. Plus, you can create teams, which allows you to join forces with family and friends to work together towards a common goal. Never mind the sense of achievement you’ll feel when you’re on the path toward healthy change!
  3.  You could reduce your risk of cancer. The truth is unsettling, but it’s a fact: drinking any type of alcohol can increase your risk of head, neck, breast, colorectal and liver cancers. Beer, wine, fancy cocktails and shots will all raise your risk of cancer. But the good news is, cutting your consumption of alcohol can reduce this risk and lead to overall healthy changes.
  4.  Other healthy changes? Like what? Well, curbing your alcohol intake can lead to health benefits galore – both mentally and physically! Each year participants taking part in Dry Feb, like sleeping better, increased energy levels and even weight loss.
  5.  Not only will your improve your health, you’ll improve the health of your bank account, too! Yes, drinking is social and generally associated with a good time, but frequent visits to the liquor store and the pub is no fun for your bank account. Test out no booze for one month and you’ll save plenty of cash to keep your social life buzzing and your bank account liquid.
  6.  You could win amazing prizes! When you fundraise for Dry Feb in support of CCS, you have the opportunity to win some legendary prizes for each fundraising level you hit. Simply get your first donation to get the ball rolling, and you never know - you could be a lucky winner! So while you may be giving something up for the month of February, you might also be on the receiving end as well! Check out all of the prize details here.

Ditch the booze and do some good this February

If you’re ready for the challenge, we encourage you and your friends to get involved this February and go dry. Giving up alcohol for one month can help change your life and the lives of those affected by cancer. It’s a big journey with an even greater outcome.

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