A new treatment for aggressive glioblastoma

Dr Xi Huang, CCS-funded researcher
Glioblastoma is a devastating cancer with a poor prognosis. Even after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation treatment, many people with glioblastoma survive only 15 to 16 months after their diagnosis. While treatment can slow down or temporarily stop glioblastoma from growing, these brain tumours quickly evolve to resist these therapies — meaning it’s crucial to explore innovative new approaches.

Canadian Cancer Society (CCS)-funded researcher Dr Xi Huang and his team are developing an innovative new approach to treat these brain tumours that could destroy the glioblastoma cells without harming healthy tissue. If successful, the team will further develop this drug towards clinical trials in people with glioblastoma — saving lives and improving outcomes for people with this disease. 

Dr Huang is grateful for the donor funding that makes this research possible. 

“We are outrunning cancer because of your life-saving donations,” he says. “Thank you.”