Cancer never takes a holiday

Headshot of Cindy Goguen
Cancer survivor Cindy Goguen

Cindy Goguen will never forget the moment she discovered that she had breast cancer. One day, after finding a lump in her breast, she urgently scheduled an appointment with her doctor. After undergoing a biopsy, Cindy received a call from her doctor confirming she was living with breast cancer.

Throughout her cancer experience, Cindy would have to travel to Halifax in order to receive treatment. At first, she would stay in hotels overnight, but often found herself feeling alone. One day, she learned about the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) Lodge, a home away from home for cancer patients who must travel to receive their treatment.

From the moment she entered the CCS Lodge, Cindy was amazed at how quickly she felt as if it was her second home. “I don’t even have the words to describe how I felt when I first walked into the lodge,” she says. “The staff were so calm and kind, they really made you feel right at home.”

Cindy stayed at the lodge during the 2021 holiday season and was able to have her daughter stay with her. The celebrations at the lodge and opportunity to have her daughter with her made her feel as though she wasn’t missing out on any annual holiday traditions.

“Being able to stay at the lodge during the holiday season enhanced my holiday experience. The transportation from the lodge into the city was very accessible. It allowed me to get more Christmas shopping done and being able to see the holiday lights and music made everything more cheerful.”

“With any medical situation, nothing ever stops, not for any holiday. I think the idea that cancer never takes a holiday makes a big statement. When people hear that, it makes them think about how somebody else might be feeling throughout the holidays and that they might be missing loved ones.”

To this day, Cindy continues to be grateful for all of the CCS donors and feels strongly about the importance of funding services and support programs like the Lodge that Gives.

“Cancer doesn’t discriminate. It affects any person of any age, and when someone is diagnosed with cancer, it also affects their family and the community around them,” says Cindy. “Because of the support I received from the Lodge, my family was also able to feel supported.”

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