Taking care of the caregivers

Dr Sophie Lambert
Acting as a primary caregiver to someone with prostate cancer is an act of kindness. But it can also be both challenging and exhausting. From juggling appointments to managing side effects to administering medication, caregivers often put their own physical and emotional health at risk. 
But thanks to a recent Movember grant awarded by the Canadian Cancer Society, Dr Sophie Lambert and her team have developed a program that will “care for the caregivers.”  
“I realized how much support caregivers needed to carry out their role, and how much the illness of their loved one affected them,” says Dr Lambert. “They often did not access services and suffered in silence.” 
Dr Lambert and her team developed a free, web-based program called TEMPO that gives Canadian caregivers information to manage the challenges they face. The program combines coping-skills training and an in-home exercise program to enhance the health and functioning of both Canadian patients and caregivers. 
“Donor support is crucial to continually improve care for people with prostate cancer.” says Dr Stuart Edmonds, Executive VP of Mission, Research and Advocacy at CCS. “Your generosity makes such an enormous difference. Thank you.”