Staying positive in a safe space

Bob Mcintosh
Sometimes lightning does strike twice. Bob McIntosh knows this all too well.

The now retired RCMP officer was diagnosed with cancer nearly 30 years ago. Bob was fortunate to have many family members, friends, and fellow officers who gave him the emotional support he needed during his diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

But when his cancer recently returned, things were different . This time, he needed chemotherapy and radiation in a city far from his home — and far from the support network he relied on when diagnosed years earlier. And he would be receiving his treatment right in the middle of a global pandemic.

Then Bob learned that he could stay at a Canadian Cancer Society lodge, an amazing, safe space you make possible for people who need to travel for their treatment. 

At the lodges, people living with cancer are able to find comfort and connection with others while undergoing cancer treatment.  And during COVID-19, they can rest assured that all necessary health protocols have been put in place to keep them safe — and give them the peace of mind they need during their treatment.

At the lodge, Bob made many new friends with both residents and staff and says it was the right place to stay positive and build the same kind of support system that he had the first time he’d been diagnosed. 

“Everyone staying there had some form of cancer, and you know you’re not alone,” says Bob. “I formed a close friendship with another resident, and we went walking fairly often and shared family stories over mealtimes.”

Now that Bob’s treatment is complete, he’s back home and busy walking, biking, and getting back to his normal activities — he’s living life to the fullest. He says that his time at the lodge was an important part of his recovery, and he’s grateful for donors like you who make it possible. 

“I really appreciate the donations that go to support a place like the lodge and help make it such a friendly and positive experience,” says Bob. “The lodge made my experience of going through treatment so much easier.”