New report reveals 50% decline in prostate cancer death rate since peak in 1995

In collaboration with Statistics Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) released a report on November 3 that revealed significant progress is being made in saving the lives of people with prostate cancer.  Since its peak in 1995, the prostate cancer death rate has declined by 50%.

“Prostate cancer continues to take an enormous toll on the 1 in 8 men expected to be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime, but thanks to the perseverance of researchers, we have made tremendous breakthroughs,” says Elizabeth Holmes, Senior Manager,  Policy and Surveillance, CCS. “By funding innovative research projects, we have been able to enhance treatments that improve outcomes and extend the lives of people with prostate cancer, helping them live longer and healthier lives.” 

Advancements in precision surgery and targeted radiation treatments have played a major role in helping to cut the prostate cancer death rate in half.

“In the mid-1990s, there was little attention given to research for the disease, but since then we have seen tremendous progress as a result of strategic investments by organizations like CCS and the former Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC),” says Dr Stuart Edmonds, EVP of Mission - Research and Advocacy, CCS. “Canada is now a leader internationally and has made advances that have changed practices worldwide.” 

When prostate cancer is found and treated early, the likelihood of successful treatment is better. Nearly 100% of individuals diagnosed with prostate cancer will survive at least five years if the cancer is detected early.  Over the last 25 years, the Canadian Cancer Society and the former PCC, with its partner the Movember Canada, have invested more than $170 million in research focused on prostate cancer.

“We are at an exciting tipping point – many of the investments in prostate cancer research made over the last 25 years are showing their impact,” says Dr Edmonds. “We know that with further investments in prostate cancer research, we can continue to take significant steps to further reduce mortality rates and can help save lives.”

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