Lodge provides safe haven during pandemic

Don and Lee Baker
Don and Lee Baker
Having to travel far from home to receive radiation treatment was difficult for Don Baker. But having to do it smack dab in the middle of COVID-19 was even more challenging.

Don had already spent an exhausting two years undergoing treatment and surgery for his Stage IV prostate cancer. But when Don was told his cancer had spread to his lymph nodes, his doctor recommended six-and-a-half weeks of radiation treatment. Don had his reservations.

“I was cautious because of COVID-19, and how my wife Lee and I were going to remain safe during the daily visits to the treatment facility,” he says.

Along with the uncertainties of navigating treatment during the pandemic, Don and Lee also worried about getting to the hospital, which was hours away from their home.

That’s when they learned they could stay at a CCS lodge near the hospital. They were so relieved to know they could spend many weeks there and not have to worry about exhausting travel or hotel stays.

Don and Lee say it was the best decision they could have made.

“I don’t think we can praise the lodge staff enough,” says Lee, who was amazed at the kindness and consideration they were shown.

“Before staying at the lodge, we were worried about the dangers posed by COVID-19, but the staff took every protocol to make us feel very comfortable and safe.”

Don credits the dedicated care of the staff at the lodge for making his journey towards recovery a success.

“You may think about the technical equipment that your donations contribute to,” says Don. “What you may not realize is that the real healing comes from the people at the lodge. They’re key to a successful treatment.”

And one of the best parts of their lodge stay? The food!

“They fed us so well we were worried about gaining weight,” says Don. “The delivery and the quality of the meals was unbelievable.”

Don says he doesn’t believe they could have better care anywhere else.

“If we had to stay in a hotel and worry about our own meals and the cost, it would not have worked out as well.”

Don and Lee are now home, enjoying life together — and grateful for the lodge that exists because of your incredible support.