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Canadian Cancer Society congratulates Liberal Party on election


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) congratulates the Liberal Party on a successful election and looks forward to continuing to work with the government on issues that matter to people impacted by cancer. Through the campaign, the Liberals committed to addressing disruptions to health care, strengthening policies to support healthy living and implementing a tobacco manufacturer cost recovery fee as well as a tax on e-cigarettes.

The Liberal platform commits to immediately investing $6 billion to address wait times for certain procedures and providing $3.2 billion to provinces and territories for the hiring of 7,500 new family doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners throughout Canada. A CCS-led survey in July 2020 of people with cancer and caregivers found that almost half (47%) of patients reported having their cancer care appointments cancelled or postponed. Since the start of the pandemic, it is estimated that global cancer diagnoses dropped by a stunning 40%. We know that when cancer is found and treated early, the chances of survival are higher. A Canadian and United Kingdom-led study published in the British Medical Journal showed that a 4-week delay in cancer treatment increased the risk of death by about 10% in some cancers.

The Liberal platform also commits to restrict the commercial marketing of food and beverages to children, as well as introduce front-of-package labelling as a way to help promote healthy food choices.

CCS is also pleased to see multi-party support on key tobacco control and youth-vaping priorities. In their respective costed platforms, the Liberals, Conservatives and NDP committed to requiring tobacco manufacturers to pay for the cost of federal public health investments in tobacco control.

“Despite their differences, this election federal parties came together to hold tobacco companies accountable for causing generations to become addicted to their products,” says Kelly Masotti, Vice President of Advocacy at CCS. "With such widespread support, the Liberals should have no difficulty finding willing partners across the aisle to work with them on this initiative.”

The tobacco manufacturer cost recovery fee would require the tobacco industry to reimburse Health Canada for the $66 million annual cost of the federal government’s tobacco control strategy. As a billion-dollar industry, tobacco manufacturers can easily afford this fee.

In addition, the Liberal platform commits to moving forward with a national tax on e-cigarettes, which was originally announced in Budget 2021.

CCS has a long history of advocating to all levels of government for healthy public policies on behalf of Canadians affected by cancer. CCS is eager to begin working with the new government and wishes to thank members of the previous Parliament for their dedication to Canadians. Together with the former government, we advocated for an extension to the Employment Insurance sickness benefit, national restrictions on e-cigarette advertising and setting a maximum nicotine level for e-cigarettes,  and increased tobacco taxes, all of which will help prevent cancer and improve the lives of those living with the disease.

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