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“Cancer research gives me hope that my children won’t face the challenges I did.”
– Tyler, living beyond cancer

Cancer types

Learn about the risks, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, outlook and treatments for a wide range of cancers.

Ways to give

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In honour

Pay tribute to a friend, loved one or colleague with a donation to support those touched by cancer. 
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 In memory

Celebrate your loved one’s life and memory with a donation to support people affected by cancer today.
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Become a monthly donor

Join our monthly giving program and provide year-round support to Canadians affected by cancer.

About us

The Canadian Cancer Society works tirelessly to save and improve lives. Thanks to our donors and volunteers, we’re able to fund groundbreaking cancer research into all types of cancer, offer support services to help people better manage life with cancer, shape healthy public policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease, and offer trusted cancer information for all Canadians. 
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We have helped more than 55 million people since 2017, by providing credible information and support related to cancer.
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Since the 1940s, we have invested more than $2 billion in cancer research.
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Over the past five years, we have successfully driven more than 100 policy wins.
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Funding life-changing research

Thanks to the support of our donors, we’re funding research that is changing the future of cancer. Discover how Canadian Cancer Society-funded research is giving Canadians hope and helping people across the country live longer and fuller lives.
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Educating about prevention

Making changes to reduce your cancer risk doesn’t mean you will never get cancer – but it does mean that your chance of getting the disease is lower. Learn how to make healthy choices and informed decisions to reduce your risk of cancer.
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Advocating for all Canadians

We work with government to shape public policies that will help prevent cancer, improve outcomes and support those living with or affected by the disease. Learn how we’re influencing government and raising awareness about important cancer issues.
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Your impact

Thanks to your donations, we're able to fund the most promising cancer research, provide a support system for all those affected by cancer and shape healthy public policies to prevent cancer and support those living with the disease.  
A father with his two young daughters wearing hijabs

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*Undesignated donations matched up to a total of $170,000. Monthly research donations above $25 per month will be matched for an entire year, up to a total of $200,000.
Matching donations come from corporate, institutional and individual donors who agree to match donations to specific programs, in order to inspire others to give. Donors may also require CCS to raise matching funds as a condition of their support. In both cases, these matches allow for an even greater impact. For more information about matching, and our partners, please visit cancer.ca/matching. Your donation will support cancer research and compassionate support programs. In the event the donations raised exceed the total funding need, CCS will redirect funds to where needed the most.