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Photo: Dr Robichaud, CCS-funded researcher

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Dr Robichaud and his team are conducting life-saving cancer research.

A man sits centered in front of a camera as he speaks. The shot is close, cropped at his shoulders & up. 

VO: Hello, my name is Gilles Robichaud.

Words on Screen: DR. GILLES ROBICHAUD Cancer Researcher

A photograph of Dr. Gilles Robichaud at work in the lab shows on screen.

VO: I am a Canadian Cancer Society funded researcher. He speaks to the camera. VO: Cancer is a disease that takes no vacation and no holidays. It affects everyone either directly or indirectly.

Another photograph of him working in the lab displays on screen.

VO: The research on cancer cannot stop as well. So it’s important for us to keep moving forward.

He speaks to the camera.

VO: Although cancer never takes a break, cancer research never takes a holiday as well.

Another photograph of him in the lab displays.

VO: During the holidays, it's a time for spending time with family. Relaxation. Appreciation.

He speaks to the camera.

VO: But there is always work to do and research is ongoing. And we are very happy, and motivated, and inspired to do it.

Shot widens to show more of Dr. Gilles Robichaud, showing from chest up as he speaks. Cut to a shot of a photograph of a team of cancer researchers. Then back to show Dr. Gilles Robichaud as he speaks to the camera.

VO: Luckily for me I have a very competent and full team that's ready to give every opportunity and expertise to help along the way. And this helps to ease during the holidays.

As he finishes speaking, the screen/background changes to yellow and displays the Canadian Cancer Society logo and some text.

Words on Screen: CANCER NEVER TAKES A HOLIDAY. Neither can we.

(fades in) (CCS logo) Canadian Cancer Society Donate Now (in button)

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Matching donations come from corporate, institutional and individual donors who agree to match donations to specific programs, in order to inspire others to give. Donors may also require CCS to raise matching funds as a condition of their support. In both cases, these matches allow for an even greater impact. For more information about matching, and our partners, please visit cancer.ca/matching. Your donation will support cancer research and compassionate support programs. In the event the donations raised exceed the total funding need, CCS will redirect funds to where needed the most.