Top up policy

It is the policy of the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) that applications for top-up funding may be submitted, however applications to support the value of decrements made by other agencies will not be considered. Applications must be for new and/or additional work for an existing or pending project. In either case, the application to CCS must contain the full proposal which will be judged by the review panel. Project details must be described with the scientific proposal within CCS application page limits. Applications must clearly delineate the proposed work that would be supported by CCS versus other co-funders. If the necessary details are missing or appended (and not contained within the scientific proposal), the application will be deemed ineligible. The budget justification must detail the source and term of funding in place or pending, and distinguish funds that are being requested from CCS. If an application is pending, applicants must include a statement indicating when the funding decision is expected.

If successful, the release of CCS funds will be contingent on other funds being secured. A letter confirming the approval of the other funds must be provided to CCS within 6 months from the start date of the CCS grant, unless agreed otherwise. The funding of co-funded projects may depend upon funds available to the CCS (and/or its partners), an appropriate window for the release of other funds, and other factors that influence the feasibility of the projects.

Last modified on: October 20, 2017