Tobacco policy

The Canadian Cancer Society has a strict policy that it will not accept financial or other assistance from a manufacturer or wholesale distributor of tobacco products, nor will it knowingly accept financial or other assistance from any business if a substantial portion of the revenue of that business is derived from the promotion, distribution or sale of tobacco products. Note that:

The Canadian Cancer Society will not provide funds to any party which receives concurrent support from the tobacco industry (e.g. manufacturers, the Council for Tobacco Research or the Smokeless Tobacco Council or any other organization that acts on behalf of or is sponsored directly or indirectly by the tobacco industry) for the duration of Canadian Cancer Society funding. For the purposes of this policy, “support” includes, but is not limited to, receipt of a research grant or award, a contract for personal or professional services, a consulting agreement (paid or unpaid) or any other direct or indirect benefit, from the tobacco industry.

Host Institution and investigators are required to ensure that any individual actively engaged in Canadian Cancer Society’s funded research does not receive “support” from the tobacco industry, as listed above, for the duration of the funding.

CBCRA grantees must also adhere to this policy.

Last modified on: August 14, 2014