Part time support policy

Note: This policy is in pilot phase and is open to CCS Research Training Award recipients only. CCS reserves the right to make changes to the policy at any time.

Award holders may hold their awards part-time. This can be done: 1) at the time of application, or 2) during the tenure of an award. Award holders should first seek institutional approval prior to applying to CCS or advising CCS of the change in status (where an award holder moves from full-time to part-time). 

  1. Where an applicant is applying for part-time support at the outset of an application to CCS, status as part-time should be clearly explained and the stipend requested should reflect a prorated amount. Any questions can be directed to for clarification. Where an application is made for part-time support, the status cannot be changed to full-time post-award. 
  2. Where a change in status (from full-time to part-time) occurs during the tenure of an award, the award holder should submit a letter (to detailing the anticipated duration of change along with a letter from the host institution and/or supervisor confirming acceptance of the change.  

The awarded amount will be prorated accordingly. The duration of the award will not change. 

Last modified on: March 22, 2023