Open access policy

Effective July 2013, all researchers supported in whole or in part through the Canadian Cancer Society are required to make the published results of their work publicly available. Researchers are encouraged to make their work publicly available as soon as possible, but must do so no later than twelve months after the final publication date.

Archives such as PubMed Central, researchers’ Host Institution websites and/or open access journals are all acceptable ways to make research findings publicly available.

The Canadian Cancer Society appreciates the importance of publishing research results in the most widely read and respected scientific journals. In no way is this policy designed to compromise the ability of any researcher to publish in these journals. Nor is the open access policy designed to operate in a manner that in any way violates copyright law. Increasingly, however, many publishers are supportive of open access and have policies in place to allow open access without infringing their copyright.

The Canadian Cancer Society believes strongly, however, that unrestricted public access to research findings is a crucial part of upholding the values and responsibilities of the Canadian Cancer Society. Major funding bodies around the world have progressively adopted open access as a means of increasing the public availability and transparency of the research they fund. Open access allows for broader dissemination of knowledge and ultimately promotes research advancement, crucial to the Canadian Cancer Society’s mission.

As part of this policy, the Canadian Cancer Society will provide support for any charges levied by publishers that are required to comply with this open access process. Such charges may be included as legitimate research expenses (fully justified as with all other expenses) in the budget of a research grant submission. 

Last modified on: April 3, 2017