Indirect costs policy

It is the policy of the Canadian Cancer Society that its funds must not be used for the indirect costs associated with the conduct of research. Indirect costs refer to the operational costs that underpin an institution’s research activities (include, but are not limited to, heating, lighting, computer networking/IT services, ethics review, facilities for animals used in research, management of intellectual property, environmental assessment and safety compliance). These costs are considered fundamental support services for the operation of the institution and its research facilities, and are not specific to individual research projects/programs. It is fully recognized that indirect costs are a legitimate part of the total cost of conducting research. However, the Canadian Cancer Society, believes, in full accord with the other members of the Health Charities Coalition of Canada, that such costs are the responsibility of the institutions where research is performed, or the governments that support those institutions, and that such costs should not be borne by the charitable donations of the public to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Last modified on: April 3, 2017