Communication with the Canadian Cancer Society

All applicants to the Canadian Cancer Society research program will receive written notification of the outcome of their application.

Applicants are afforded opportunities to interact with the Canadian Cancer Society research program in a number of ways:

  • All applicants may seek clarification regarding the scientific review process and the funding decisions.
  • All applicants may communicate in writing a specific concern with regard to an issue of process or administration relating to a specific application. As appropriate, issues will be brought to the attention of the Advisory Council on Research. The Canadian Cancer Society will investigate any concerns and senior research staff of the Canadian Cancer Society will respond to the applicant in writing on behalf of the Advisory Council on Research (ACOR). Note that decisions of the panels are final however revisions or improvements to the peer review process may be implemented if necessary.
  • Applicants are provided with the opportunity to respond in writing to the scientific merit critique of a particular application by submitting a revision of an unsuccessful application to the next regular competition with a copy of the applicable critique and a response to the critique, as applicable.
  • Note that applicants must not discuss their application with any member of a review panel, committee or ACOR. Any queries must be directed to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Last modified on: October 20, 2017