The Walking School Bus

The Walking School Bus is an organized system of getting children to school on foot under the supervision of trained and screened adult volunteers.

Like a motorized bus there is a planned route with scheduled stops. The Walking School Bus has many benefits for children and families including better health, being more alert in class and socializing with friends and neighbours.

Regular physical activity protects against colorectal cancer and may also reduce risk of breast, lung and uterine cancers. The Walking School Bus integrates physical activity into daily routines and provides an opportunity for children to develop healthy habits at a young age that may be carried on later in life.

The Canadian Cancer Society led the Walking School Bus in Waterloo Region, Ontario from 2018-2021 and continues to lead the Trottibus (Walking School Bus) in Quebec.

CCS has created a variety of resources that can help you to start a Walking School Bus in your community. Many of these resources are in a format that can be edited so they can be adapted and personalize for your school.

Promotional Videos

This series of videos was developed to promote the Walking School Bus. There is one longer video the gives a full overview of the many benefits as well as shorter videos that focus on a specific benefit of the Walking School Bus. There is also a video to help in recruiting Walk Leaders. These can be used as part of a presentation or on their own in social media, at school events and more.