Caregiver: Your new reality

Launched: April 2, 2019
Length: 11 minutes
Presenter: Roberta Casabon

Webinar overview: Roberta Casabon shares her experience being a caregiver for her late husband when he had prostate cancer. From receiving her husband’s diagnosis to making plans and being prepared, Roberta shares practical tips and wisdom to support caregivers in similar situations.


Roberta is a widow who donates her time to Prostate Cancer Canada by regularly adding her support and voice to public awareness campaigns. She has been a member of several pan-Canadian and global committees as part of the TrueNTH initiative and is an advisor for the Peer Navigation program. Roberta was a member of the first group of people with cancer and caregivers who were trained in the Canadian Cancer Research Alliance’s Patient Involvement in Cancer Research program (PIP). In her role as an advocate for caregivers and partners, she gives a voice to the supportive caregiver community. Roberta seeks to expand connections between people with cancer and caregivers, other widows and the research community.
Roberta Casabon
Roberta Casabon

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