Physical activity and prostate cancer

Launched: December 12, 2018
Length: 24 minutes
Presenter: Dr Daniel Santa Mina, PhD, CESP

Webinar overview: In this webinar, Dr Daniel Santa Mina discusses the link between exercise and prostate cancer as well as the benefits of exercising before beginning treatment (called prehabilitation). He describes current exercise guidelines and how to create a FITT exercise routine. Learn helpful tips and resources on exercising safely and tailoring exercise to you.


Dr Santa Mina is an assistant professor at the University of Toronto in the faculty of kinesiology and physical education and is also appointed to the faculty of medicine in the department of surgery. He is a scientist in the Cancer Rehabilitation and Survivorship program at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre where he conducts research in exercise in oncology. His main areas of clinical research are focused on the physiological, functional and psychosocial effects of exercise for cancer survivors.
Dr Daniel Santa Mina
Dr Daniel Santa Mina

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