Kidney cancer

What is kidney cancer?

Kidney cancer starts in cells of the kidney. Learn about symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and risks for kidney cancer.

Risk factors for kidney cancer

Risk factors for kidney cancer include smoking, being overweight or obese and high blood pressure. Learn about kidney cancer risk.

Finding kidney cancer early

The best ways of finding kidney cancer early are to recognize symptoms and have regular health checkups. Learn about finding cancer early.

Symptoms of kidney cancer

Symptoms of kidney cancer include blood in the urine and pain in the back and side of the abdomen. Learn about the symptoms of kidney cancer.

Diagnosis of kidney cancer

Tests to diagnose kidney cancer, such as CT scan, are done when symptoms or routine tests suggest a problem. Learn about diagnosing kidney cancer.

Grading kidney cancer

Two grading systems are used to describe kidney cancer grade. Find out about grading for kidney cancer.

Stages of kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is staged using the TNM system, which describes how far the cancer has spread in the body. Learn about the stages of kidney cancer.

If kidney cancer spreads

Kidney cancer may spread to the lymph nodes, adrenal gland, lungs and bone. Learn about where kidney cancer may spread.

Prognosis and survival for kidney cancer

The stage of kidney cancer has the most influence on prognosis and survival. Learn about other prognostic factors for kidney cancer.

Treatments for kidney cancer

Treatments for kidney cancer include surgery, targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Learn about treatment plans and options for kidney cancer.

Supportive care for kidney cancer

Supportive care can help people cope with the physical and emotional challenges of kidney cancer. Learn about living with one kidney and diet changes.

Research in kidney cancer

Research can help find better ways of preventing, finding and treating kidney cancer. Learn more about kidney cancer research.

Kidney cancer statistics

Kidney cancer is found more often in people over the age of 50 and in more men than women. The number of new cases and deaths are estimated for all Canadians.