4 things to know about livestream fundraising

There are many ways to make a difference in the lives of Canadians impacted by cancer, but one of the most unique ways is through our livestream fundraising platform on Tiltify. From gaming, to sewing, to getting active, there are so many ways you can share your passion online and fundraise at the same time. Since launching our Tiltify page earlier this year people from across the country have come together to raise over $20,000 by sharing their passion online. There’s lots to learn about this new way to fundraise, and we’ve put together the 4 things we think you should know about fundraising on Tiltify.

It’s easy to set up 

Livestream fundraising can feel intimidating. It’s a new way to raise money and for a lot of people it can involve new technology and ideas. We aren’t going to leave you to figure it out on your own. We’ve prepared a helpful step-by-step fundraising guide that will explain how you can get started; from how to set up your fundraising site to how to fundraise using your stream, and how to use overlays to make it easier for your viewers to support your fundraiser. 

A man is hosting a livestream fundraiser with his computer screen and microphone in view.

It’s not just about gaming 

A lot of people think that livestream fundraising is just about playing games online with your friends, but it can be so much more. With just your phone or a webcam you can turn any talent you have into a fundraising stream that supports Canadians impacted by cancer. Whether you’re a wizard in the kitchen, ready to share your secret recipes, love to workout, or want to host your own trivia event, your fundraiser is only limited by your imagination. 

A woman is filming herself lifting weights in a gym

It’s a great way to challenge yourself 

A livestream fundraiser is a great way to set challenges for yourself and have your friends and community support you. From adding new levels of difficulty to the games you’re playing to pushing yourself for a new personal best with your weightlifting or even making a new recipe, there’s always a new way you can challenge yourself and gain more support. 

Two women smile at each other as they film themselves cooking in a kitchen

It’s changing the future of cancer in Canada 

Livestream fundraising is easy to set up and makes a difference in the lives of Canadians impacted by cancer. By joining the community of streamers who have already taken the steps to change the future of cancer in Canada, you’ll be helping support groundbreaking research, providing access to current, reliable cancer information, and funding critical support programs that change the lives of Canadians every day.

Closeup of a researcher placing a sample onto a microscope

We can’t wait to see your fundraiser and look forward to tuning in as you join us in changing the future of Cancer in Canada.