15 heartwarming photos of kids affected by cancer at camp

Every summer, our Camp Goodtimes programs bring children and teens affected by cancer and their families together for a fun-filled camp experience where they can find support and build connections.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to offer virtual camp programs and introduced Goodtimes Getaways in British Columbia – an in-person camp experience where families with children affected by cancer could participate in activities together within their family bubble. This program allowed campers to reconnect with their family, have fun and enjoy nature at their own pace in a safe, facilitated environment.

Take a look at some of the heartwarming moments captured at Camp Goodtimes. 

Three campers sitting on the left of their mom. They’re all smiling wearing Camp Goodtimes t-shirts and hats.
It’s all smiles for families during our Goodtimes Getaways experiences.
A little boy smiling on a dock at a lake.
One of our campers flashes a smile while enjoying some time on the dock.
Three siblings sitting in a row hugging each other and smiling.
These siblings had a blast participating in activities with their whole family.
Two smiling siblings wearing lifejackets and standing on the side of a dock.
Two of our campers took a break from jumping into the lake to smile for the camera.
A camper and staff member walking along a dock towards a lake.
Our incredible staff helped make the Goodtimes Getaway experience unforgettable for every camper.
Three kids sitting in a row on a dock smiling with their arms around each other.
There were no shortage of hugs with family at Camp Goodtimes this summer!
Families watching a movie on a projector outside in a forest.
Families safely enjoyed a movie in nature with our projector setup in the forest.
Three campers with their backs to the camera sitting on a dock. Their arms are up and they’re making peace signs.
Our campers enjoyed the beautiful weather and breeze by the lake.
A woman and little girl side by side smiling.
At Camp Goodtimes, families made memories that will last a lifetime!
A little girl standing on a basketball court posing with her hand on her hip.
This camper isn’t camera shy! She struck a pose during activity time.
 A little boy smiling straight at the camera. His father is standing behind him smiling with his hands on his shoulders.
This father-son duo are ready for a fun-filled day of activities!
 A little boy standing on a rock with his hands in the air triumphantly.
Victory! A camper celebrates after finishing a hike.
A little girl laughing while being held upside down by an adult.
This camper stopped to “hang” by the lake!
Two little boys wearing green Canadian Cancer Society t-shirts. They are holding hands and walking outside.
These campers explored the great outdoors hand in hand.
A little girl in a onesie smiling and standing on a dock at a lake.
Taking in the last few days of summer on the dock.

For kids facing cancer, the ability to create, laugh and get outside allows them to feel like a kid again. With the help of our supporters, we can continue to provide fun-filled summer activities and unforgettable experiences for children affected by cancer and their families through programs like Camp Goodtimes. Help send a child to camp and create memories that will last a lifetime.