WICC Continues Unstoppable Crusade to Raise $25 Million by 2025 for the Canadian Cancer Society

A collaborative initiative led by members of Canada’s insurance industry and their supporters, WICC (Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade) has raised a remarkable $19.2 million since its inception in 1996. As the program continues its path of steady growth, the organization is well on its way to reaching its fundraising goal of $25 million by 2025, to support the Canadian Cancer Society’s (CCS) ongoing investment into life-saving research and compassionate support programs to ensure people with cancer live longer, fuller lives.

The $25M by 2025 campaign launched in 2021 - the year WICC celebrated its 27th anniversary. With 2 in 5 Canadians expected to be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, it is a devastating disease that impacts us all. WICC’s dedicated board and volunteers recognized the opportunity to create lasting change in the lives of people with cancer, their families and caregivers and set to work to make it happen.

“WICC’s pledge to raise $25 million by 2025 is an invitation for the Canadian insurance industry and its employees, supporters and friends to join us in our quest to fund cancer research, support and education and improve the lives of those affected by cancer. By doing so, you’ll join an industry-wide network of individuals motivated to make a difference.” – Marilyn Horrick, WICC Ontario Co-Chair.

Now operating provincial chapters in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, funds raised by WICC are currently supporting CCS-funded research projects aimed at improving outcomes for people diagnosed with breast, prostate and brain cancer and developing innovative immunotherapy treatments for all types of cancer. Dollars raised through WICC initiatives are also directed to CCS’s Centre for Cancer Prevention and Support and operating programs like BC’s Camp Goodtimes for children and families affected by cancer.

CCS is proud to be the exclusive charity partner of WICC, and we deeply value their contribution as one of our organization’s top fundraising partners for more than 25 years. At CCS, we collaborate with groups who share our commitment to saving and improving lives. Our longstanding relationship with WICC is an excellent example of that. We are excited to work with them to reach the $25M by 2025 goal so that together, we can change the future of cancer forever.

Each year WICC hosts several fundraising events across the country, including the annual CCS/WICC Relay for Life event. If you or your company are interested in getting involved or contributing to WICC’s $25M by 2025 campaign, visit the WICC website at