Camp Goodtimes camper becomes leader

Bailey Saguin
Bailey Saguin
Bailey Saguin remembers attending camp as a child. The water, the open air, the camaraderie — it all made for a great experience and wonderful memories.

But Bailey didn’t attend just any summer camp. Diagnosed with leukemia at just nine years old, Bailey attended Camp Goodtimes, a recreational experience for children with cancer and their families that is made possible by your generous support.

“It was very rewarding,” recalls Bailey, who enjoyed his experience so much he is now a dedicated volunteer at the camp that meant so much to him and his family.

“Camp is really important for these kids,” says Bailey, who is now healthy and in his 20s. “It means a lot to them because it's the only place they really feel at home and can connect with one other.”

Bailey has been giving back at Camp Goodtimes for the past six years, both in person and online during the pandemic. And the experience of seeing other children experience the joy he did as a camper is truly a gift.

“Being able to connect with other children who have experienced cancer can make a huge impact on a child’s life,” notes Bailey. “When I see someone I knew when I was a camper, it’s so special to reflect on the memories we made — moments that are only possible thanks to you.”