Innovative study testing new drugs to prevent breast cancer

Dr Rama Khokha
Women at high risk of developing breast cancer often have surgery to remove their breasts, as well as their ovaries and fallopian tubes. While these surgeries are their best options to mitigate risk, they are not without their own worries and can have a profound impact on women’s emotional and physical health.  
But what if those at high risk had better and less invasive options? With your generosity, CCS-funded researcher Dr Rama Khokha is spearheading an innovative study that looks at less invasive ways to reduce their chances of developing breast cancer. 
By studying the cells from which breast cancer originates, Dr Khokha and her team are identifying new biological features that differentiate aggressive, higher-risk breast cancers from lower risk tumours. 
Thanks to this research, they will also be able to test drug-based strategies aimed at reducing the likelihood of developing breast cancer in those with a higher risk. 
“My team and I are so grateful to you for allowing us to advance our research,” says Dr Khokha. “Together, we’re finding new and better ways to treat and stop the growth and spread of cancer, even before it begins.”