Taking prostate cancer to heart

Dr Darryl Leong, CCS-funded researcher
Dr Darryl Leong

Here’s a sobering fact: heart disease is one of the biggest challenges facing prostate cancer survivors – and it leads to as many deaths as the cancer itself.

With your help, CCS was able to fund one of the world’s largest and most innovative studies of cardiovascular disease in men with prostate cancer.

The reality is that some cancer treatments – while necessary and lifesaving – can damage the heart and lead to harmful long-term effects.

CCS-funded researcher Dr Darryl Leong and his team are studying how the early involvement of a cardiologist in prostate cancer treatment could reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

“In a few decades, cancer will likely overtake cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death in the world,” says Dr Leong. “That is why my clinical and research focus is on cancer survivorship and how to deliver optimal care to cancer patients.”

This study holds life-changing potential. If successful, it could change care guidelines and help men with prostate cancer live longer, healthier lives.