Responding to COVID-19

This is an unprecedented time in our history – the COVID-19 health crisis is far-reaching and is having an undeniable impact on people across Canada and around the world.

More than 1 million Canadians are living with and beyond cancer. Those with cancer are among the most vulnerable in our communities right now because of their compromised immune systems. As a result, they are at greater risk of more serious outcomes if they contract COVID-19.

Unfortunately, cancer doesn’t stop being a life-changing and life-threatening disease in the middle of a global health crisis. Our highest priority is to support people with cancer – this means being good citizens and doing everything we can to minimize the impact and duration of this pandemic.

In order to honour our commitment to social distancing, we have cancelled all in-person fundraising events and initiatives until the end of the summer. This includes many of our Daffodil campaign activities like door-to-door canvassing, flower sales, pin sales and galas that would have traditionally happened in April. We plan to refocus our efforts on online canvassing and are encouraging our supporters to donate and receive a digital daffodil to honour a loved one, which they can share on social media.

As always, we continue to work with and for people with cancer, providing information and support when they need it. Only the Canadian Cancer Society enables a national support system that makes a real difference for people affected by cancer. Now, more than ever during the COVID-19 outbreak, our digital and phone support programs are critical to the people we serve, providing information, reducing anxiety and reducing feelings of isolation.

We encourage you to access these free support services and please share them with others. They can all be accessed from home, by phone or computer:

  • Cancer Information Service, a toll-free helpline to answer questions at 1-888- 939-3333, available to anyone touched by cancer
  •, an online peer-support forum
  •, our website where you can find information on cancer and COVID-19

If you currently use our in-person cancer support system, please know that CCS is taking added precautions, changing or suspending many of our support programs given the people we serve are at an increased risk. This includes the volunteer drivers program, lodges and wigs and breast prostheses banks. For the latest information on our in-person support programs, visit or call 1-888-939-3333.

If you are undergoing cancer treatment, CCS recommends that you talk to your doctor or healthcare team about your risk. They are the best source of information if you have questions about your risk based on where you live and your medical history, and will keep you updated about any changes to your cancer treatments. Information is available on our website about cancer and COVID-19.

If you have questions, or need support, please call 1-888-939-3333. You can find updates as they apply to CCS on