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Researching triple-negative breast cancer

Dr Alison Allan, Cancer Researcher

Your support is funding Canada’s best and brightest researchers as they explore new and promising treatments for breast cancer.

A recent CCS-funded study gave researchers new insight into triple-negative breast cancer – the most aggressive and difficult type of breast cancer to treat. It has a high risk of metastasizing (or spreading), particularly to the lungs.

The team, led by Dr Alison Allan, found that triple-negative tumours release signals that make lungs a more “welcoming environment” for cancer cells. They then identified ways the cells alter lung tissue to enable cancer spread and started examining ways to block them.

Dr Allan’s trailblazing work could lead to new treatment strategies for people with triple-negative breast cancer and give them renewed optimism – and you helped make it possible.

Says Dr Allan: “I think donor-driven support for research that comes through CCS is critical for being able to move really exciting ideas forward to make an impact on patients.”