Finding a place to call home

Harland 9-year-old Lodge guest
Harland 9-year-old Lodge guest
When the Frasers made plans to stay at the CCS lodge while their 9-year-old son Harland went through weeks of chemotherapy and radiation, they knew they would have a comfortable place to stay. What they didn’t know was that they would find a child-friendly home away from home – and warm support from all the staff and other residents.

At the lodge, Harland could simply be a kid and have fun. He was able to paint and draw, watch TV, and enjoy music. He particularly enjoyed relaxing with the therapy dogs during their weekly visits. He forged new friendships, quickly connecting with another young boy around his own age and the many staff and residents who were young at heart. The caring and thoughtful staff also knew how to make Harland happy — through his sweet tooth.

After Harland’s day-long treatment sessions, the staff would always ensure a dessert — his favourite was the brownie — was set aside for him to enjoy when his appetite returned. It gave Harland something to look forward to during treatments.

They made Harland feel special, and we as a family appreciated that so much.

- Janet (Harland's mom)

Today Harland is back home and has returned to the routine of school, with just one complaint: “He doesn’t like the homework!”