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Canadian Cancer Society's 9th annual Dry Feb raises funds to support people affected by cancer


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is challenging people in Canada to “go dry” this February for its 9th annual Dry Feb campaign. Beginning February 1, thousands of participants from across the country will feel the benefits of going alcohol-free for 29 days while raising funds for life-saving cancer research and compassionate support programs.

“Changing attitudes and perceptions around our relationships with alcohol are a new frontier in cancer prevention and healthy living,” said Andrea Seale, CEO of the Canadian Cancer Society. “We know that 2 out of 10 people in Canada drink alcohol daily and over 40% are unaware that alcohol consumption increases the risk of multiple cancers. Not only does Dry Feb spark important conversations about alcohol, it’s also a great way to challenge yourself, your friends and your community while having fun and giving back to a meaningful cause.”

Research shows that drinking any type of alcohol (beer, wine or spirits) raises your risk of at least 9 different types of cancer. The less alcohol you drink, the lower your cancer risk. With about half of people in Canada expected to face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, Dry Feb provides a unique opportunity for participants to re-evaluate their relationship with alcohol while raising funds to save and improve lives.

Taking a month-long break from alcohol can have some great health benefits including sleeping better, increased energy and an improved general sense of well-being. In fact, in 2023, over two thirds of Dry Feb participants cited the health benefits of eliminating alcohol as their reason for participating in Dry Feb again.

“It feels great knowing I’m doing something good for myself and for others by fundraising,” said Bonnie Hall, a returning Dry Feb participant who is living with multiple myeloma, cancer of the plasma cells. “­­­­­­For me, staying alive quite literally depends on continued cancer research and innovation, and without the funds to do that, I wouldn’t have the same hope for my future. I’m so grateful to everyone who participates in programs like Dry Feb. I can’t stress enough the incredible impact that donations have for people, like me, who are affected by cancer.”

Since Dry Feb’s inaugural campaign in 2016, the annual fundraiser has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take on the challenge of going dry, raising over $13 million for world-class cancer research and free information and support services for people with cancer including the Cancer Information Helpline, the Wheels of Hope volunteer driver program and CCS’s online community This year, CCS hopes to raise even more.

Participating in Dry Feb is easy! Simply register at and collect donations from your friends and family. Every day and every dollar will make a meaningful difference in the lives of all those affected by cancer.

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About Dry Feb

Dry Feb is a fundraiser, run by a third party, that challenges people to go alcohol-free for the month of February while raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). This online, peer-to-peer fundraising program is owned and operated by Ezy Raise, who runs similar campaigns in Australia (Dry July) and the UK (Sober October) to raise funds and awareness about the link between alcohol and cancer.