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The Canadian Cancer Society applauds the adoption of a new regulation governing vaping products in Quebec


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) commends the Government of Quebec and its Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, for adopting a series of regulatory measures to control vaping among young Quebecers. The new regulation will take effect on October 31st, 2023.

"It’s urgent that we do something about the youth vaping crisis in Quebec. The number of high school students who vape has quintupled since 2013,” said David Raynaud, Senior Advocacy Manager at CCS. “We’re delighted to see that the government is prioritizing the health of our youth, just as we do. We want to stop a new generation from becoming addicted to nicotine through e-cigarettes.”

The new regulation introduces four key measures, namely banning flavours in vaping products, setting maximum nicotine concentrations, setting maximum cartridge sizes, and regulating the shape and colour of e-cigarettes and their packaging.

The CCS has long worked with the government on smoking and vaping control initiatives, including through its I QUIT NOW tobacco cessation service. In 2019, CCS also took part in a special intervention group on regulating vaping products, set up by Quebec’s national director of public health. The adopted regulation consists of measures proposed in the final report of this initiative, including banning flavours, the leading factor in the popularity of e-‑cigarettes among 12-24 year-olds.

It should be highlighted that this new regulation represents significant progress in protecting the health of young Quebecers. We will continue to work with community stakeholders in this matter to help create a healthier society.

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