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The Canadian Cancer Society welcomes the Interdepartmental Action Plan of the Government Health Prevention Policy


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) congratulates the government on the unveiling of the Plan d’action interministériel 2022-2025 de la Politique gouvernementale de prévention en santé (PGPS-Interdepartmental Action Plan of the Government Health Prevention Policy). The Action Plan includes specific measures aimed at reducing health inequities and alcohol consumption and creating environments conducive to the well-being and health of Quebecers.

The pandemic has led to various behaviours that increase cancer risk. Indeed, nearly 19% of Canadians report that their alcohol consumption has increased and 35% say the same about their consumption of junk food and sweets. According to Statistics Canada, sedentary behaviours are also on the rise, as more than half of Canadians admit to spending more time in front of the television or online. In April 2020, The Vanier Institute of the Family reported that around four in ten Canadians say they exercise “less often” than before the pandemic.

"The ComPARe study funded by the CCS has shown that prevention efforts and promoting healthy lifestyles are essential to preventing cancer, making it possible to avoid around four in ten cancers.” explains David Raynaud, Manager, Advocacy at the CCS. “Between the Health Plan and the Action Plan presented today, the Quebec government is showing its commitment to preventing cancer.”

However, the CCS would underscore that one aspect missing from the Action Plan is the explosion in the use of electronic cigarettes among young people. Indeed, in 2020, the Institut de la statistique du Québec revealed that a third of Secondary 4 and 5 students vape. Moreover, measures recommended in the Stratégie pour un Québec sans tabac 2020-2025 (strategy for a tobacco-free Quebec) that are essential to achieving the objective of reducing the rate of smokers to 10% by 2025 have still not been implemented to this day.

The PGPS is a positive step that will help promote a healthier population, take action against the health inequities that affect certain communities, and ultimately reduce the cancer risk of Quebecers. The CCS is a proud partner of the Government of Quebec on many cancer prevention campaigns and looks forward to pursuing this work in the future.

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