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Canadian Cancer Society Wheels of Hope transportation program expanding to help get people with cancer to their treatments in BC


The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) is expanding its Wheels of Hope (WOH) program to provide transportation service in the British Columbia (BC) Interior, Vancouver Island and Prince George thanks to funding from the Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon (the Freemasons). The program will provide additional support to people with cancer who need a ride to and from their treatment.  

Beginning in October 2021, CCS will bring its expertise in transportation services to these locations in BC using its well-established model that has helped get people to their cancer treatment for decades. 

“No one should have to miss their cancer treatment because they can’t find transportation but unfortunately that’s a reality that exists in areas across the country today, particularly in rural communities,” says Dr Sandra Krueckl, Executive Vice President of Mission, Information and Support Services at CCS. “Our Wheels of Hope transportation program is helping remove that barrier by ensuring those in need have a safe, comfortable and reliable ride to treatment.”

Wheels of Hope connects people who need transportation to cancer treatments with volunteer drivers. Drivers are trained to provide safe and reliable rides to approved cancer treatment facilities. This volunteer driving program is available in Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan, and now in BC. 

This expansion marks the return of CCS providing ride services in BC. Previously, CCS has had a successful partnership with the Freemasons for over 33 years grounded in a shared commitment to improve access to cancer care for people living in the province. In addition, until 2015, CCS also operated its own a Volunteer Driver program in BC.

“The Freemasons volunteers have been tremendously dedicated in serving the people of BC with driving support for decades and we are grateful for their commitment to improving the lives of people affected by cancer,” says Dr Krueckl. “We are excited to expand upon their great work, bringing our expertise in driving services back to BC so we can help get British Columbians to and from their cancer treatments.”

The Volunteer Cancer Driver Society is in the process of expanding its operations in the Lower Mainland to cover the Vancouver area, while CCS’s program serves the surrounding areas. Together, the two groups will ensure no one in BC faces barriers in accessing the treatment they need. 

Through this new partnership, CCS expects to offer rides in the BC Interior, Vancouver Island and Prince George to roughly 800 people annually thanks to hundreds of volunteer drivers. 

Last year elsewhere in Canada, CCS drove more than 12,500 people to treatment and home again through over 235,900 rides. CCS’s transportation service covered more than 9.6 million kilometers, which is almost the equivalent of 25 one-way trips to the moon. 

To learn more about our transportation services, visit or contact the Cancer Information Helpline at 1-888-939-3333. 

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