How going dry makes an impact

This February people across Canada are giving up alcohol and going dry to raise funds for the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS).  The money raised by Dry Feb funds life-saving research and supports a nationwide support system. 

Dr Carolina IIkow and David Desautels have been positively impacted by the efforts of people who participate in Dry Feb.

Dr Carolina Ilkow: Funding innovative research

One of the ways that the money raised during Dry Feb can change the future of cancer is by funding the work of passionate researchers like Dr Carolina Ilkow. Dr Ilkow is researching how to use the power of viruses to target and destroy cancer cells. It’s a groundbreaking innovation that could change the future of cancer in Canada.  

Dr. Ilkow knows just how important the work of fundraisers is to her research. “When we all work together, we can make great improvements in cancer treatments. That’s the power of research innovation…and people like you supporting what we do.”  

Sign up for Dry Feb today and the funds you raise will help turn the ideas of researchers like Dr Ilkow into a reality. 
Dr Carolina Ilkow
Dr Carolina Ilkow 

Dave Desautels: Finding answers and a community

It’s not just researchers who are positively impacted by the funds raised through Dry Feb. The funds also directly support members of our community like David Desautels. When David was diagnosed with cancer he needed information he could trust. That’s when he turned to CCS and found the answers to his questions on cancer.ca. “It’s so easy to go down the internet rabbit-hole with cancer – especially if you’re already scared and a bit depressed,” says David. “But the information I found at cancer.ca helped me focus my questions with my doctors and get more specific answers. It also helped me talk about my cancer to my young kids because as much as I felt in the dark, they were even more so.”

But then I realized I could help other people from sharing my experiences – just knowing my experience is out there and can help people makes me feel better.

Information is important but David also needed support, and he found it at CancerConnection.ca, an online community for Canadians living with and impacted by cancer. CancerConnection.ca provides a safe space where people like David can get the support they need at no cost thanks to funds raised through events like Dry Feb. “When I was at my lowest, I used CancerConnection.ca quite a bit because I was just miserable and angry,” David remembers. “But then I realized I could help other people from sharing my experiences – just knowing my experience is out there and can help people makes me feel better.” 

A man woman and child hold eachother together in a tight hug.
David Desautels (centre) and his family
There’s still time left for you to make a difference by going dry for the rest of February. You can learn more about how to sign up at DryFeb.ca or you can make a donation and help change the future of cancer in Canada.